Catholicism and Socialism

Lux Occulta


A series of Lenten Discourses against Socialism delivered by Father Robert Kane, S.J., in Gardiner Street Church, Dublin, 1910.

Nihil obstat: G. DELANY, S.J., Praepositus Provinciae Hibernicae

Nihil obstat: F. E. O’LOUGHLIN, Censor Theologiae Deputat.

Imprimi Potest: +GULIELMUS, Archiep. Dublinensis, Hiberniae Primas.

Dublini die 12 Julii, 1910.


IN offering these lectures to the public at the request of those whose advice is to me a welcome command, I wish to call the marked attention of my readers to some most important points. First, these lectures treat of real Socialism, that is to say, the social theory which would give to the democratic State the exclusive ownership, administration, and distribution of all wealth and of all means of wealthmaking. Thus, once for all the innumerable multitude of men and women who call themselves Socialists merely because they are…

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