#OTD in 1847 – Eyewitness report on The Great Hunger (An Gorta Mór) by James Mahoney in The Illustrated London News.

‘I started from Cork… for Skibbereen and saw little until we came to Clonakilty, where the coach stopped for breakfast; and here, for the first time, the horrors of the poverty became visible, in the vast number of famished poor, who flocked around the coach to beg alms: amongst them was a woman carrying in her arms the corpse of a fine child, and making the most distressing appeal to the passengers for aid to enable her to purchase a coffin and bury her dear little baby. This horrible spectacle induced me to make some inquiry about her, when I learned from the people of the hotel that each day brings dozens of such applicants into the town.

After leaving Clonakilty, each step that we took westward brought fresh evidence of the truth of the reports of the misery, as we either met a funeral or a coffin at every hundred yards, until we approached the country of the Shepperton Lakes. Here, the distress became more striking, from the decrease of numbers at the funerals, none having more than eight or ten attendants, and many only two or three.’

Friends of Ireland, please consider supporting this very important petition.

More food than was required to feed the Irish people during the period (1845-1850), was exported out of Irish ports under armed guard. This is not a petition of acrimony, discord or hate, this is a petition for Truth! Please sign with your family, and ask your friends and their families to consider. In Proud and Loving memory of our Forefathers, and the Truth that our Children Deserve.

Source: #OTD in 1847 – Eyewitness report on The Great Hunger (An Gorta Mór) by James Mahoney in The Illustrated London News.


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