St. Enda’s School/Pearse Museum

Stair na hÉireann/History of Ireland

St. Enda’s School, or Scoil Éanna, was a Secondary school for boys set up in 1908 in Ranelagh, Dublin by Irish nationalists Pádraig Pearse and Thomas MacDonagh.

Pádraig Pearse had long been critical of the educational system in Ireland, which he believed taught Irish children to be good Englishmen. He had for years been committed to the preservation of the Irish language, mostly through the Gaelic League, and was dearly concerned about the language’s future. A trip abroad to Belgium and his observations of bi-lingual education there inspired him to attempt a similar experiment at home.

With promises from prominent nationalists as proponents of Irish heritage that they would give him whatever limited financial support they could, and, when applicable, would enroll their children in his school, Pearse established his school, which officially opened on 8 September 1908, in Cullenswood House, Ranelagh, a suburb of Dublin.

The school proved a…

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