Today in Irish History – 11 October:

Stair na hÉireann/History of Ireland

In the Liturgical calendar, today is the feast day of St. Canice. Saint Cainnech of Aghaboe (also known as Saint Canice in Ireland, Saint Kenneth in Scotland, Saint Kenny and Saint Canicus). A native of Glengiven, he was one of the Twelve Apostles of Ireland and an abbot of great virtue, who preached across Ireland and Scotland. He was a close friend of the missionary priest, Saint Columba of Iona, and witnessed several prodigies in the life of the latter. St. Canice was also a monastic founder, priest and missionary during the early medieval period. He wrote a commentary on the Gospels, known as Chain of Cainnech for centuries. Cainnech was considered a man of virtue, great eloquence and learning. St. Canice is the patron Saint of the shipwrecked.

1649 – Sack of Wexford: After a ten-day siege, New Model Army troops (under Oliver Cromwell) stormed the town of Wexford…

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