St Patrick’s Day Annual Champ Eating Contest


17 March 2016, 11:30am

Fibber’s annual champ eating contest is now in its 4th year and as you can imagine, it brings added excitement to what is already a jam packed day in Fibber Magees and Robinsons.

Doors open from 11.30am for those who can’t wait to get a sup of the black stuff and wee chaser to welcome in the day of St Patrick!

Live music starts from 2pm with Fibber’s favourites, Dalriada, playing right through until the wee small hours.

Contestants register on the day to take part in the champ eating contest from 4pm, and attempt for the Champ of Champ title! The tasty mashed potato dish is prepared in the traditional Irish way and served up with a pint of stout, with the fastest to the finish coming first.

With lots of potato bread, bags of spuds for the runners up and of course, a Mr Potato Head for the overall winner, sure it’s a great days craic!

For more information visit


Robinsons Bar, 38-42 Great Victoria Street, BT2 7BA




028 9024 7447

Venue Website


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