Population Increasing Despite Emigration

Published: 8 July 1913

Figures released today, covering the year 1912, show that Ireland’s population is growing. Overall there was an increase in population of 1,162 people, and the lowest death rate was recorded since 1862. The declining death rate was assisted by a fall in deaths due to tuberculosis and by the lowest infant mortality rate since records began.

Last year there were 23,283 marriages of which 16,557 were Roman Catholic, 3,494 Church of Ireland, 13 Jewish and 9 from the Society of Friends. 407 of the men who married, and 1,485 women were minors at the time of their wedding. Of the 101,035 births, 51,700 were boys and 49,335 girls. The highest birth rates were recorded in Dublin and Belfast, while the lowest were in Counties Wicklow and Roscommon. Death rates were highest in Counties Limerick, Monaghan and Armagh, and lowest in Galway, Mayo and Kerry. 29,344 people emigrated, with the majority, 11,352 leaving from Ulster.


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