Old Kilbride Cemetery, Arklow, Co. Wicklow.

Old Kilbride Cemetery, Arklow, Co. Wicklow.

Visions Of The Past

Revisited this old cemetery near Arklow yesterday, about 5 months after my first visit and the time these photos were taken. The visit was for a friend’s band photo-shoot  and while there I bumped into two very bemused men who were part of the renovation project that is going on there. The place is truly beautiful and deserves being restored, however this was an incredible sight all overgrown and wild. The restoration project has been underway since March apparently. The cemetery was mainly in use during the 1700s with up to 500 people being buried here. The pyramid tomb and mausoleum were commissioned by Ralph Howard, the 1st Viscount of Wicklow, during the 1780s, they are the final resting place for 18 members of his family. Howard had a strong interest in freemasonry and this is very evident in the structure at the old Kilbride Cemetery. I recommend getting down…

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